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Peer to Peer “TV”

As I started to form the idea of a local Youtube “TV Station” (in the old terms) I liked the concept that every community has clever people doing clever things – from music and the arts to cooking and gardening to inventing and innovating to politics and people.

In the old days, TV Stations were centralised with information, perspective and profit centering on a few individuals with lots of employees, large business premises and lots of profit in garnering the sentiment of all those who watched the station.  The news readers were selected carefully to represent the viewer’s ideas of themselves and their own lives and values.  The information was biased toward a certain narrative.  The narrative was largely there to support the system from which it had a symbiotic relationship – corporations and media in bed together at last.

The content on Youtube is amazing… you can learn how to do just about anything through visual tutorials conducted by “experts”, ie. people with a passion for an activity that want to share their knowledge willingly.  After a good cross check with similar content you can assess your approach and go with either – or both – or come up with your own next iteration of that melt in your mouth Chocolate Mudcake.  We can all become experts at most things, with practise.  Practise is the natural progression of an activity we find pleasurable.  We spend the time to perfect an activity with reproducible outcomes.  And when we become a Master Mudcake Maker, naturally we want to share our knowledge with those who are also passionate about Mudcakes.

Peer to Peer TV is evolving and in its present form is a global phenomenon with a truly awesome array of content added by ordinary people happy to share what they know with others, their peers.  That’s all there is to it.  As this idea develops we need to encourage localised indexing of content to give our physical location a connected community.  Ultimately, our news and information will be given by ordinary people following their skills and creating our new paradigm in real time.  A newer, up-to-date version of ourselves, as humans sharing our life-giving wondrous planet Earth.