Free Clean Green Energy Globally – let’s have a bit of that then

It all started when Grandpa sent through an news article he received from a friend.  His friend was excited because he'd found a news article online that talked about breakthrough technology.  He said this in his email (my emphasis in red):

Hi All

Greetings from Clunes – Graeme is busy getting the marinade ready for the chicken and beef for tomorrow night’s meal  and June has gone to Ballarat to play the recorder in a recorder band.

Looking  forward to catching  up tomorrow.

Attached is a momentous news item. It has the potential to wind down the fossil fuel industry. Watch the opposition/resistance to implement these inventions!.


[name witheld :-]

Click here to open the article Renewables changing the nature of power and check out the details yourself.

Ok- so let's presume for a moment that this might be true.  So, there's some scientists at Harvard and MIT (real human beings) that understand how this technology could work for humanity in a meaningful way.  Who owns these ideas?  Harvard and MIT?  The human beings whose brains continued the work of their scientific forbears?  The forbears – do they own the ideas?  What about a rich First World corporation – can they own the ideas? Or do these ideas really belong to the Commons – the collection of all human knowledge used for the benefit of all human beings – not just a bunch of rich fellows already having a totally awesome life with the benefits that come with unlimited funds.

I understand that business has an imperative to deliver innovation and service to their customers.  Science and technology provides a total, rounded solution to all global resource issues.  We are "hitting the straps" about now with our human endevour and so it becomes a choice – do we keep doing this dumb shit we're doing or do we open up the patent office – or better still take Elon Musk's lead – to expose the ideas that will form the new global paradigm?  No brainer.

Here is Paul Gilding's encouragement for those in the positions of organisations of influence:

Global Energy Market's Moment of Truth

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