Monthly Archives: April 2014

It’s about the children

You know, I always come back to this… always.  Our precious children are our future.  I watch the birds (both the mothers and the fathers :- ) year on year in our yard take such good care of their children it seems hard to believe that there are 34,000 human children dying each day in our world from preventable causes, ie. disease, starvation and malnutrition (or is that the same as starvation?).  I sit here with tears for each child that dies and each family that must nurse them to their death.  I saw a photo once that someone had posted somewhere online and Google images had picked it up.  It was a picture of a woman with their child – I saw our own daughter in my arms – emaciated they were.  The child dying… the bones in the child’s thighs were visible under the skin.  We were there.  That was us.  We are parents and I really can’t imagine how terrible life would be to watch our children die from simple things that in some parts of the world are absolutely not an issue.  We have constructed our first world culture with such a lack of compassion.  I imagine how let down I would feel if our neighbours let our children starve – when they had food they could share.